Crazy increase in charges

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I have recently gone on a bill smoothing plan to manage a higher than expected bill over summer yet even though I am paying $160 a fortnight and have ceased using air con etc my bill has increased substantially. Last time I queried last mth it was around $500 now it has jumped to almost 1K outstanding. How is this even possible in one month? I am not doing anything different. If anything I have cut down on consumption yet my billing is saying otherwise. Open too feedback but I am also starting to look at other providers. The rises are steep and I am going to say unreasonable to most people out there.

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Hi @AG75,


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood! 


We would definitely need to look into your account to find out what's causing higher than expected bills. I'll send you a private message to let you know how to proceed from here.




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I would like an explanation as to why my electricity bill is so high.  I understand that it was high for May '23 as I had a burst hose under my sink which caused my home to flood.


However, I am at a loss as to why it is so expensive for the current month. Every month it has been creeping up, but my last bill is ridiculous. If AGL cannot supply me with a reasonable answer, I will definitely be changing providers

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@Di_Hudson @AG75 ,


I would suggest that you look at your Usage graphs on the Web or the App.

Don't have a smart meter then you will only see your 90 day or monthly totals.

No smart meter then start taking daily reading of your meters to calculate your consumption.

Cheers Neil

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