AGL transactions taking 2 weeks to appear out of bank

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Why are AGL payments so sporadic in when they appear as a transaction from my bank account?


Ive already talked to my bank about this and they assure me there is no problem on their end or with my account. I make hundreds of transactions every day and every single payment I make appears the DAY i make it, dare i say, within seconds of making it. But AGL for some reason can take up to 2 weeks to appear; for instance last month on the 18th of April i made a payment of $51 dollars on my power bill. it appeared in my app as processing/paid the day of the 18th, my receipt for the $51 dollars was dated the 18th but the transaction wasnt taken from my account until the 2nd of May. Two full paychecks later! AND into a new budget for the month and, WHAM they'll take the $51 you have "paid" receipts from the 18th for, but the money is getting cleared out OVER TWO WEEKS AFTER THE FACT!!!


How does this happen?


Sometimes AGL payments appear the day I make them. Other times (mostly ALL the time now) the app says "paid", the receipt is dated and "paid" but the transaction and money doesnt go out of your bank for 5-7 days, sometimes they take over 2 weeks and its becoming a grade-A joke to deal with.


This is unacceptable and its really starting to piss me off that I have to chase up every single transaction i make with these jokers. AGL's completely unhelpful regarding this because their garbage outsourced help department are more concerned about cutting and pasting responses out of a txt file and marking the help ticket as "resolved" rather than fixing and reporting the goddamn issue.

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Hi @ihateoutsourced,


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I'd be more than happy to look into this for you. I'll send you a private message to grab some details from you.


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