58.16% increase in my energy bill - explain that

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I received a letter from AGL to say that my 20c solar feed in tariff will be reduced to 12c for the first 14kw per day. On rerunning my usage calculations it showed a net increase of 58.16% in my energy costs after April 2023. How is this even remotely possible, fair or reasonable? I also checked all other providers to switch only to find that they are all equally bad. Typical of large corporates, they will hold the small man at ransom and such them dry. Shame on you AGL!

AGL Moderator
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Hi @Butch,


Thanks for reaching out. It sounds like your Solar Savers plan is expiring and rolling over to our current Solar Savers plan. We have had a few changes to our rates over the last couple of years, however your rates would have remained unchanged. You can view all our current plans and rates here to ensure that the new Solar Savers plan is the best option for you. Please let us know if you need further help with your plan review. 


Kind Regards,