second meter on my account

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I recently just found out there seemed to be 2 meters on my acc ,one is mine and the other one i'm not sure where it is from or located but i supposed to have only one meter as i have never had controlled load or running any other big appliances other than my gas ducted heating and as far as i know, the electrician told me it's on normal wire. Can you please investigate why this happened? where and what is that meter recording everyday ? did someone hook someline onto our account and used our house all these times? i was wondering why our bill doesnt seem to match with our manual usage recording everyday as we spotted something weird going around the house.


PS: As soon as i found this out a few days ago, the meter was immediately cancelled , seemed to be on  the next day, Then yesterday we had an outage....i've thinking could it be that person acting trying to disconnect and destroyed all the evidence. This is a serious matter and i'll hand it over to the police to investigate further. In the mean time i need your help to trace as it seemed to explain why my account had been stuffed up in the  last few months .


Looking forward to hear from a genuine person who is responsible in this area i prefer pls.


Thank you.



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Hi @happynot_0 , that sounds like an unusual situation. To have this investigated, you will need to contact customer service. You can do this by phone or web chat, or you can log in to your My Account and click "Send Us a Message".