incorrect billing for 2nd time consecutively

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I am getting annoyed again because AGL is still not rectify their mistake.


2 days ago, AGL sent me a text telling my gas bill is overdue by 11 Feb 2019

When I checked the bill through my account in, it still mentioning the incorrect reading, wrong overdue days and of course wrong amount to be paid.


Last billing cycle that I have was in Nov-2018 with incorrect meter reading. I have contacted AGL several times until the issue resolved.


But now.. it happened again. Even worst, the online billing is telling me that I have overdue for 367 days which is not true, as I already paid up to Nov 2018.


Below is the snapshot of billing that I see in my account as of today









Below is the "rectified" bill in Nov 2018.




Is anyone in this forum come from AGL ?

I think this is a flaw in their billing system.







AGL Moderator
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Hi daniel18,


I'm sorry to hear our billing system has been causing you these headaches!

We're more than happy to lend a hand with this issue, but we're unable to do this through the Community I'm sorry to say. For further assistance, I can encourage you to get in touch with our web chat team here.


Kind regards,