feed in and purchase dicrapancies AGL App and Solar Egde App

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I have been monitoring the purchase and fee in on the AGL App and the Solar Edge App, our house has a smart meter so AGL gets the uptodate information and my solar edge App has the same information. 

What I found is that the kWh purchased is about 10% higher compaired to Solar Egde. And the AGL free-in kWh is about 5% higher then Solar Edge.

When I compaire AGL kWh against my ESS Battery App the variations are about the same.

And herein is where I have a problem

5% more feed-in @$0.05 per kWh

10% more purchase from the grit at up $0.71 per kWh

The discrepancy is highly in favour of AGL

I keep monitoring until the end of the billing cycle, I am half way in the cycle (90 Days) I like to see some comments on this and if other users have found the same problem 

AGL Moderator
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Hi @Rvos01,


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood! Our App information is obtained from your meter. We can certainly look into your account to make sure that the data we're receiving is actual data. I'll send you a private message to grab your account details so I can help further.