Your new stupid billing system presentation

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To whom it may concern

Your new bill format is bloody hopeless the person who dreamed this up should be sacked
what was wrong with  the one you had previously the new one is a bad design and totally useless
why do you insist on wasting the publics time with with such daft stupidity if this is a reflection 
on how you run a power supply business I can see why we have the most expensive electricity in the
 world give up now and start growing vegetables if you cant get a billing system right when there was 
nothing wrong with the old you should not be qualified to run an Australian power generating company.
It is not rocket science for god sake.
Lift your game
Rod Muller
AGL Community Manager
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Hi Rod,


Sorry to hear something isn't working as it should.


We haven't actually made any changes to the bill format. There was a recent refresh of the eBill summary (which is the email you'll receive when you're sent your bill) but if you click "view bill" you'll see the PDF of your bill, which looks exactly the same as before.

If you have any specific feedback of things that aren't working or that you'd like to change,  just let us know. The new format was created in response to customer feedback, so the team is always happy to incorporate more.



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I agree entirely !!! have requested a proper bill a no. of times with no result have now refused to pay current bill until I get it . JTH