Wrong gas readings for 7 months.worst customer service

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I am with agl for almost 7 months.

The worst customer service.now they are making fun of customers.i have talked to them more then 10 times and they dont know anything.they told me 3 times that wait after 6 weeks someone will visit and take actual readings.though i submit actual reading and have sent them in email 2 times.

After 7 months i dont know my actual bill.they send me wrong reading though i submit my actual readings.

They send me 34$ extra for personal visit infact no one visited.

Pkease give me contact number of any senior manager because now i will use all forums to make formal complaints against agl.i will use social media aswel.you are making foun of customers and infact torturing your customers.

Last time they said someone will visit on 4 january.tomorow is 4 and no one has contacted me yet.again they send me 350+$ gas bill for 3 months 2 people.and wrong readings though i submitted my actual readings.

Please give me any manager email or contact because i want to lodge formal complaints on all forums now.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Cameran , that sounds like a frustrating experience. If you'd like to make a complaint, you can do so on this page. It will be addressed by our resolutions team.