Wrong Address since day one

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I am frustrated to communicate with AGL since in early Jun when I planned to move in my new property (not new built). I registered AGL plan via online form then their staff called me and asked me to provide the electricity meters and gas meters. So I called AGL after I obtained my meters information, however, during the phone call with AGL, the staff was kept saying can't location my address, but I said impossible because the property built in 2013, I am not the first one to live in. After awhile, seems my gas meter can be successfully located my address but electricity meter still can't. I was kept confirmed they are same address, so at the end the AGL staff said okay then. However, the miserable never ending, since then, whatever on AGL confirmation email of connection or my AGL online account or my latest electricity bill, all showing WRONG address (it's next block of my building). In between, I contacted AGL via webchat and phone call, they all said meters are correct, it is my address, just the system did not update. Unbelievable, what kind of system cannot update customers real address and providing electricity bill with wrong address. I called AGL on 14 Aug for this issue, and also provided my Council Rate for proof of address, until now, my address showing in AGL online account still wrong!!! I am sick of AGL. Can someone really response and give me a solution!!!    

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @MNS , this sounds like a really frustrating situation, but because this is an issue related to your specific account, there's not a lot we can do to help with it here in the Neighbourhood community. I will say though that sometimes there's quite a long lag between updates being made in the system and those changes being reflected in your online account and the AGL app.

If the wrong address is still displayed online after this week, hit the Message Us (💬) button on your My Account page, and report that the wrong address is displayed.