Why do I have to chase AGL each quarter for my electricity bill???

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So once again, I have not received my electric bill for this quarter. I have been promised every time that you have fixed it, I have asked for a senior person to contact me and to take responsibility for getting this resolved, but no! I get told to contact his department and that, I give my reference number each time (ref# 1513881395 )and still I have to chase AGL for my bill or any information, promise after promise, everyone of them broken. 


So so here we go again. 

AGL, can I please, please have my billing issue fixed, once and for all. I understand that by now you are probably wishing I would go away, but as I read in other post, this is not just happening to me, so AGL do we all need to join together and approach the ombudsmen to force you to fix you billing system??


so let just see that happens.

AGL Moderator
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Hi Send_me_my_bill,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


I'll kindly ask you to send me a private message with your AGL account number and email address so that I can follow up on this for you.





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The same happened to me.

I noticed that my electricity and gas bill didn't come on time.

My last quarterly electricity bill was issued 17 Sep, for Jun-Sep. The new bill should be issued in Dec, but until today, I have not received the new electricity bill yet.

Also, my monthly gas bill didn't come too. Starting from Nov, I have to chase the invoice every month via the on-line chat function.

In fact, I chased both the gas bill and electricity bill yesterday via on-line chat, and I received my gas bill today but not the electricity bill.