Horrible customer service

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I received my very first bill in July by post and I paid so. Then I received an email bill with different account details. I contacted AGL and send them the bank receipt. I was told that I paid to the wrong account and I need to approve that I paid the correct account. Luckily I still kept the paper bill. I sent all evidence to AGL customer solution by email. No one replied or contacted me. I called back and asked if anyone could reply my mail and clarify the issue. I was told that they can not reply email. Then I was put through to the manager and he said he does not have access to the Finance email box to reply the mail. I told him that I did not sent the mail to Finance, but to your mail box which is customer solution. I was told that the mail was forwarded to Finance and he does not have access. Then he corrected and said that the system does not allow them to reply the mail. I then asked the bill by post and I was told that my plan does not allow me to receive paper bill.  But I received my last bill by post. It is just so difficult communicate with the customer solution. And there is no apologise at all for the confusion to customers. 

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Hi Jessica2,


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I'm sorry to hear that your recent experience with AGL has been so poor and we appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback. I'll ensure that your comments are passed on.


If any of these issues remain outstanding, please let me know and I'll do what I can do to assist further.


Kind regards,