When will AGL take over my gas?

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I put in for transfer last week, only changing provider not moving. It was explain it might take 10 days or 2 weeks for the hand over from old provider and I may incur a final bill because today is the end of contract with old provider. 

   Today is received a confirmation from AGL that they taking over but starting April?! I called to ask if that is correct and was told yes it is the next billing cycle and nothing they can do ie I'm stuck with current provider till then. Does this sound right?! 

 Would be good if a mod can clarify this situation for me, thx!

AGL Moderator
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Hi dq81! 

Welcome to AGL Community! 

Your transfer request to AGL happens after your 10 business days cooling off period and as of your next available meter reading. Once your meter reading has been completed, you'll receive a final bill from your current energy retailer and you'll receive a confirmation notice from AGL that your account has been transferred. 


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