What is happening with your billing system????

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Why is AGL spamming me for my monthly billings for this period? I now have 4 billings all due at different dates for the same period. WHAT is happening and why are you not replying to my complaint?


Do I have to delete my auto payment to protect my funds during this coronavirus crisis?

AGL Community Manager
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Yes, with a smart meter you will be billed on actual consumption. However, smart meters work in measuring 15 minute intervals. If even one of those intervals is missed for a billing period (for example, because a full billing period hasn't passed since the meter was installed, or there was a temporary technical issue, the bill will be shown as "estimated" for the entire period, even if only a tiny portion of the usage was actually estimated. Of course, once an accurate reading is received, you'll only be charged for actual consumption.




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I am hoping by giving you this information it might help you solve the problem.


I work in the software/hardware industry (electronics), good luck.