WHY is Tariff moved from 20C down to 12C when the "Essential Services Commission" have lowered fees?

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The "Essential Services Commission" have lowered fees...


"Our final decision is a minimum flat feed-in tariff of 5.2 cents"

"The minimum flat feed-in tariff for 2022-23 is 5.2 cents per kWh. This is 22 per cent lower than the rate for 2021–22. The time-varying feed-in tariffs are also mostly lower than for 2021–22. Table S.1 shows the details."


So why was I getting free solar power with 20C per KW to now having to pay $250 per quarter (plus pay off my solar panels) when the government have LOWERED the price not escalated it? I think AGL are lying. 

AGL Moderator
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Hi @Haz,


Thanks for getting in touch. Our changes to our pricing and how much we pay for Solar is reflective of the current market. You can find out about how solar is priced here