Very high meter reading and bill

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I received my first bill from AGL for the period 13 Dec 2019 to 12 Mar 2020 (91 days) and it was 1546 units which is incredibly high and an average daily usage of 180.14 units. The bill payment was $870.72 and that was with a substantial deduction for the bonus free month for new customers.


We only use gas for our cooking on the gas range so this cannot be correct.

In addition my family were abroad between 18/1 and 2/2 so there was no gas usage in that period.


I have now read the meter tonight (13/4/20) and it reads 1550.90 which is only 4.9 units for 30 days which makes sense. I also have a photograph of the meter from the property report before I moved in which shows it as 1534.96 which makes sense as that would show a usage of 11.04 (considering we were away for part of it).


Can you explain how this has occurred as the only way I can think this has happened is that the meter reading was not set to 0 before I moved in (or a faulty meter) but it was working for the previous customer. I have asked the real estate agent to contact the last tenant to see what their final reading was.


13/4/2020 reading13/4/2020 reading







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Hi pstewar,


I appreciate your concern with this, it sounds like we don’t have the correct start read on the bill. Please get in touch via messenger in MyAccount or via the AGL App (select account, then support) and we can look into this for you.


Kind Regards,