Very Very poor customer support AGL

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Hi All,


I requested AGL to move my connection from Energy Australia to AGL in September End .

AGL confirmed that request scheduled on :

1) 4th November

2) 15th November

3) 3rd December

Every time agl cancel the request without informing to the customer .

I Sent more then 20 Emails , send messages on Twitter, Raised complain 2 times  but no one from AGL is responding .

Please suggest what should i do now .

AGL Moderator
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Hi Yashika,


Sorry this has occurred, this is certainly not the experience we want our customers to have.


So we can look into this and discuss the matter further you would need to get in touch either by calling or via messenger using the below link.

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As mentioned in my earlier comment , i tried a lot via chat / mail / call but no one is ready to help.

Just providing me a future date everytime.

AGL Moderator
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I appreciate this is frustrating, without looking at your account though, I wouldn't be able to provide any updates to this matter.