Very High Electricity Bill

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I received the bill today and guess what its 1014$ and we are only people and both working. We moved to a different place and this bill is from the unit. How can the bill be so high? The customer support was not helpful at all and she cut the call 😞 I am living in double storey building  with smart meter can totally see the usage with the heater on. This customer care lady keep on saying i have got heater on, but since 3 years i have always had heater on during winter for 30 min at night and never i have ever got this high bill. Still can't understand how can there be so much difference. this is the first time happening and so disappointed with AGL 😞 

AGL Moderator
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Hi AnoopRanjana,

I appreciate your concern regarding the higher than expected bill, there can be a number of causes for this, you can find a guide regarding things to check here. If you still need further assistance after reviewing this please get in touch with the team via messenger in My Account you can also access this via the support tab in the AGL App.