Time of use tariff overpriced

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Recently moved and find this house has a TOU tariff. Apparently cannot be changed to a single/flat rate. What a rip off! We can't afford to use the ducted air con we thought we would be enjoying in our twilight years as the peak rates are twice the price. You'd have to be nocturnal to make TOU work for you. I can't believe TOU rates can be forced onto a minority.  Totally unfair!!! I feel we are subsidising both solar and single rate customers. 

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Have  just discovered this rort too after having Meter change. It's farcical and a con to be told you can't switch a smart meter back to be flat rate. 

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Hi Adrianwato! 


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I understand having to have time of use must be frustrating for you. Unfortunately this is a change made in the market that we cannot reverse. If you would like us to review your account to see if we can reduce your cost from a plan perspective, please feel free to reach out to us in the AGL App or My Account. 


Thank you