Time of Use Plans in South Australia

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Hi - does anyone know how to switch from an Anytime plan to a Time of Use plan in South Australia?


This seems to be impossible via the app, and messaging AGL resulted in such helpful  suggestions as me needing the right meter (Smart meter already installed),  and use the app  (already tried that).


We have solar and a battery,  so I'm confident ToU would save us money (which is probably why AGL is making it hard)

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Log into your account.

Click on your Name.

Select Account Settings

Select Property and Plans

Select Change Plans.

Select the new plan.


I would suggest that you really look at the plans.


There are some catches that you may overlook.


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Actually this  isn't the answer. The only way to change from Anytime to Time of Use (in SA at least) is to call AGL and ask for Resolutions. This team can send the request to SAPN who can take up  to  20 working days to approve.