Solar Electricity Sold to Grid dollar value incorrectly calculated?

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Looking at the Usage chart for the current billing period on the AGL website, it tells me that I've sold 1445.96kWh back to the grid for a value of $151.50. My solar feed-in tariff is 12.40c. By my calculation, 1445.96 * (12.40/100) = $179.30.


I have downloaded my usage CSV and done some calculations. I'm able to match the electricity draw charges perfectly with what the website says for each day, however my calculations for the energy sold to the grid are consistently more than what the usage site shows using the formula in the above paragraph.


For example:



bought from grid

CSV calculated

bought from grid


sold to grid

CSV calculated

sold to grid

06/05/20218.51kWh / $3.148.51kWh / $3.146.89kWh / $0.556.89kWh / $0.85
07/05/202110.15kWh / $3.8210.15kWh / $3.8212.18kWh / $0.9712.18kWh / $1.51
08/05/20216.73kWh / $2.406.73kWh / $2.405.79kWh / $0.465.79kWh / $0.72



Can anyone explain why my simple calculation of (kWh sold to grid)*(feed-in tariff / 100) is not matching what AGL claims the dollar value of the sold electricity to the grid is?

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Because AGL have no scruples!

We started feeding in a little under two years ago and in that time we have seen the feed in tariff drop from 14.8 cents per Kwhr to 5 cents.

That's not a feed in tariff, that's theft!

Why is it that we are bound by contract to pay a set price to buy in from AGL but AGL can arbitrarily vary what they pay us for the energy we produce which they take and on sell.

Because AGL never do what they say they will.

On questioning AGL about the costs and so called usage rates of our account we get all sorts of wild claims about variations in our usage profile. they then promised us to send our account usage and billing info in paper form monthly so we can monitor things in more detail.

They still haven't done it.

Looking for a new retailer in ernest !!!!

The energy supply industry needs to be investigated and returned to a nationalised model.

Nothing ever is done in the interests of consumers when a shareholder pulls the strings.

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Yep, turns out they dropped my feed in tariff without informing me. Did it twice, in fact.


I have now switched electricity retailers.

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@gorbs,@smurff ,


According to the AGL website changes to an account are to informed prior to the change.

If this has not occurred then you should dispute this with AGL.


Also for your own interest you should regularly check your plan information:

On AGL web account this is located at: 

the above link will only work if you have already logged into your AGL Account


Other wise:


1. Log into your account.

2. On your user Name (Hi Username)  click on account settings

3. Select Account settings.

4, Select Property and Plans

5. On your Plans select view on the plan you wish to see.


Your will get the similar below.

My current plan Solar Savers

Energy Plan Period: 24 Months    Rate Type: SL  One-off Account Credit: $55.00
Termination Fees: No early termination fee


Electricity Usage Rates (Important information, please read)


Usage Unit Excl. GST Incl. GST
General Usagec/kWhCC.ccCC.ccc
Controlled load^c/kWhCC.ccCC.ccc
Feed-in tariffc/ 
Supply chargec/dayCC.ccCC.ccc
As above, you have the right to appeal. Use this right and if still not satisfied use the Ombudsman.
If you have not disputed your account with AGL the ombudsman will not assist you other then asking you to contact AGL.



Cheers Neil

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