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I'm having a hell of a time trying to determine why my gas account is still a setup in progress. Gas was to be connected at the property on yesterday (11/11/19)  yet i never received any confirmation it had been completed.There is gas available and the gas main lever is in the on position. Was told via message by an AGL rep that Sp Ausnet was the distributor in the area and to contact them directly. SP Ausnet inform me that Australian Gas Networks are the gas distributors in my area and after speaking with them they inform me that they have never received a connection request from AGL. After a smooth experience connecting electricty and having my account active the following day i am extremely frustrated with how difficult getting an answer has been. When will my gas account be active/setup completed?

AGL Moderator
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Hi JAB! 

Gas is generally not disconnected between customers when moving in and out of a premise. We arrange the initial move in reading for you so we know at what reference to start your account, this is completed by the network. 

If you gas is supplied to the premise already then you can start using the gas if you need to. However, we can certainly check those details for you, please send us a message on your My Account here


Kind regards, 



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I set up my electricity account two months ago, (7094-196-370). My status is still "Setup in Progress" I want to pay the bill, but my account balance is Zero.

Can you please get the account out of the setup, so I don't have my power cut or a massive bill in the future.


John Roach