Repeated Harrassment Calls

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I do not own any property, signed up for gas/water/electricity services, have not had any previous AGL or any utility company accounts and never registered any interest in anything AGL. However, for the past 1-2 years, every so often, I receive a call, sometimes multiple times during the week from +61864585202. When called back, an automated message says "Welcome to AGL Anytime" and transfers me straight away without any options to an agent who asks what they can help with.


I have repeatedly told every agent that has answered the call, to please remove me off their call list, to which every single time, the agent tells me "Oh no sorry, your number will be removed."


I received a call from AGL Anytime again yesterday that was automatically blocked by my phone as Spam. I called up, and asked the agent to remove my number. Agent has stated this has been done. Today I receive another call from the same number, +61864585202, so i call back again. The agent this time lies and insists many energy companies have called me, which is not true, its always the same landline number for the past 1-2 years. The agent once again states that he will remove my number.


Is there a permanent solution to this? It is extremely annoying getting repeatedly spammed and multiple attempts have been made to stop this. This is my last attempt to rectify this before I seek other advice.

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Hi  TK31,


Thanks for using AGL Community.


I am sorry to hear this, it does sound like a frustrating situation.


I'd be happy to help. Please send me a private message with your details and I will look into this.