Question re billing ie estimated reads

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Have been trying unsuccessfully for 3 days to reach out to AGL regarding the question of why my bill is always an estimate but the wait time to chat is always over 1 hour - I simply do not have that kind of time sitting around waiting for an answer to a (I think) simple question.


Does anyone know why the bill is always estimated?



AGL Moderator
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Hi KarrieG55, thanks for being part of the Neighbourhood.


We are sorry about the delays with AGL Messenger currently. I would recommend downloading the APP and messaging us through there, that way you'll get a notification when we respond instead of having to wait for a response.


You can find some information about estimated bills on our website here. Just bear in mind you'll also have estimated reads on monthly billing with a basic meter. If you're not able to find the information your need on that page, please get in touch with us directly here,


Kind Regards,