Please inform AGL does not provide discount for Direct debit paid on time any more

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Recently received AGL electricity account - and noticed on page 2 Electricity supply details: AGL does NOT provide any discount component any more.

Please confirm. Also as to when AGL started to remove the discount.


AGL Moderator
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Hi FLINagl! 

Welcome to AGL Community! 

You are absolutely right, we don't offer conditional discounts such as direct debit discounts, pay on time discounts or extra discounts for having both fuels anymore, although any still in place will remain in place until they expire. Instead in July 2019 we transitioned to low rate plans which offer all of our customers competitive, non-conditional savings, to provide them the cheapest bills we can, without any hoops to jump through. 

To review our current available offers have a look here, if you have any questions you can message us on the AGL App or My Account. 

Thank you