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 repeated discussions with AGL including their complaints dept they are making us worse off by $10 per week because of their incompetence in getting their explanations to us. Because we are on the Gov feed in we have lost 10c yet they are offering it to others for 54c feed in. I looked at the site and in this it has stay on your old plan and I have clicked and have the screenshots to say we can have it for 24 months yet the complaints dept today prior told me I cannot have that. Anyone wanting the screen shots please contact us.

I found that AGL have become after many good years an arrogant profit conscious greedy company and I will now after so many years be looking at changing over to another company.

So much for a Government that told us electricity was coming down, when you have so many greedy fingers in the pie the consumer suffers.


ColV_1-1666932035986.pngrethink any loyalty to this company.


AGL Moderator
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Hi @ColV,


Thanks for getting in touch! From your message I can see that you've already spoken to our Resolutions Managers. I'll send you a private message to grab your account details, in case you need further help.




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as previously mentioned the reply from AGL has been very disappointing and I have no other option than to look at alternatives as they are not allowing me to stay with my old plan as advertised on the website.

Seems AGL just put stuff on their website but do not honour any of it unless it suits them and their profiteering.