Paid instalment by due date and account says I’m 7 days overdue and charged fees!

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So I’ve been paying my bills via Payment instalment option through PayPal. I haven’t had a problem until now. 

So I pay my electricity bill on the 18th July for the 18th July. I did the same for the previous instalments and all went smooth. But this time I paid and my account says that I am 7 days overdue. I paid both my Electric and Gas Bill the same day and my Gas also said it was overdue by 6 days. 

But what really confuses me even more is, I have emailed receipts claiming my payment went through on the 18th of July. 


Its gets better. Then my account now currently shows that I have $37.53 left to pay and it’s overdue but the same account is $37.53 in credit. Ummmmmm........? 


So I call through to get some sort of explanation and wanting to know if whether there was a glitch of some sort  somewhere and maybe it’s with Paypal. But the lady brushes everything I said and unwilling to help me solve my account problem by just advising me to pay 2 days before my account is due and made out like it was my error. Then I said to her, that still doesn’t make sense. I make a payment on the 18 July toward an instalment due that day and my account states that I am 7 days overdue. That’s an additional 5 days after the expected 2 days. And I told her that I have 2 emails received from both AGL and PayPal stating that both my electricity and Gas payment to AGL was successful on the 18th of July. 


Problem wasn’t solved. No explanation or even an investigation of any kind. Was getting nowhere with this operator who sounded like she was from the Phillipines and only given poor advice. 


My account is a shambles and it’s annoying to look at because I’ve stayed on top of it as well as trying to budget for my small 1 income family. My small family has been charged fees for an error that was not ours. 


I really like AGL but today’s call really made me consider another service. 












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Hi Terry_mun,


That sounds very frustrating!


This sounds like there may be an issue with your online account. This isn't something we're directly able to assist with through the Community I'm sorry to say, however if you log into your AGL My Account (link here) you'll be able to chat with our Messaging team (link in the bottom right-hand corner) who'll be happy to investigate this for you.


Kind regards,