Paid a Bill Smoothing paymenr twice

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I accidently paid my bill smoothing payment twice. Once on the 17th manually and then I set auto debit up without realising it will take the next payment out on the Thursday next day. I contact AGL chat and the CSR told me to cancel bill smoothing have a refund and reset bill smoothing and to contact billing. However when I rang billing they told me that it eventually will be refunded as credit at the end of the cycle. I left it, but the over payment does not appear on my transaction history. I have called just now and the CSR was rude and told me that if I cancel bill smoothing to refund the over payment I can reset bill smoothing.


I feel like this is overcomplicating, I made an over payment, it is my money. I should be able to have it refunded I've made all payments on time. I'm being made to feel bad because I want it refunded.


Please help and clarify. Can I have bill smoothing cancelled and have my over payment refunded? If I do can reset bill smoothing up? Can I refund the over payment without cancelling bill smoothing?





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Hi itoqih,


Welcome to the AGL Community!


In order to refund a credit amount, we must first cancel our customers Bill Smoothing arrangement. However, that is not to say that we can't set up Bill Smoothing after this amount has been refunded or that you yourself have done anything wrong so I apologise if we've given you any negative impressions here.


In order to reset your Bill Smoothing arrangement, you'll simply need to log into your AGL My Account, click on "Manage Account" at the top of your screen and follow the prompts from there.


Kind regards,