New Electricity Plans

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I today received an email from AGL informing me of my new electricity plan, which I did not request. So, I diligently used the new rates to recalculate my last AGL power bill. Amazingly, despite jiggling the rates up and down; the CHARGES worked out to be exactly the same. Then I checked my FEED-IN TARIFF;  AGL is offering me 29.4% less for my solar energy and this results in a reduction in my credit of $90.76. Hmm, this is not sounding like much of a deal. Time to look elsewhere.
I just hope other AGL users take the time to check out their "new electricity plan" and I hope you can find a better rate elsewhere.

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I would say that your contract with AGL has expired.

At this time AGL would reduce you to their current rates.

If you were on Solar Savers they would probably just put you on rate that includes solar usage which may be as low as 5c per kW.


Contact AGL and see what the best rate that they will offer you.


All electricity/gas users should regularly review their rates to see what offers are available.


To assist you in this the Australian Government has a site called 


Simply click on the link above and you can review GAS/ ELECT rates for your postcode for ALL energy retailers.




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I have been discussing this with Nehi today