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How many other customers are now actively looking looking to move immediately away from AGL having just received my new contract details today, rendering my solar system FIT a joke.   

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If I may ask.


1st.  What state do you live in.

2nd. Who is your Energy Distributor "Can be found top right corner of your bill"

3rd. What energy plan are you currently on.


I do not work for AGL, I am only trying to help you if I can.


The feed in tariff offerings out there are tightening up as different state governments start winding up their Government feed in tariff schemes. The NSW government has ended its Solar feed in tariff scheme "FIT's" ( Not to be confused with STC's Solar tax Credits for buying a new Solar system ) and the only feed in tariff's available now are from your energy Retailer in NSW.




AGL Moderator
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Hi @GILL1,


Thanks for getting in touch. It sounds like your old plan is expiring and we have sent you information about your roll-over plan. We'd be happy to check your account to make sure that you're on the best offer that we have available. 


I'll send you a private message to grab your account details from you so that I can assist you further. All our current plans and offers are available on our website


Kind Regards,


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We received notification in January of new contract rates beginning 7 March. 

We were on Solar Savers


T11 General Usage

First 379 kWh c/kWh    24.59000    27.049000

Thereafter   c/kWh       24.59000     27.049000

Feed-in tariff c/kWh     12.00000

Solar metering charge c/day  7.75000   8.525000

Supply charge c/day    118.50000    130.350000


So new contract was changed to Value Savers

T11 General Usage 1
First 379 kWh 1
c/kWh 22.60000 24.860000
Thereafter 1
c/kWh 22.60000 24.860000
Feed-in tariff c/kWh 5.00000
Solar metering charge c/day 7.75000 8.525000
Supply charge c/day 110.39000 121.429000


So I had to call AGL to arrange the change back onto SOLAR SAVERS.  Why they couldn't get their act together and do things properly the first time.  So having gone back on solar savers on 10/5c FIT rate we are still behind the 8 ball with FIT.  


T11 General Usage 1
First 379 kWh 1 c/kWh 23.07000 25.377000
Thereafter 1       c/kWh 23.07000 25.377000
Feed-in tariff 2     

First 14 kWh 2 c/kWh 10.00000
Thereafter 2    c/kWh    5.00000
Solar metering charge 2 c/day 7.75000 8.525000
Supply charge c/day 112.65000 123.91500


So now just checking online there is another special for 12/5c FIT offer.  I only organized changed 8 March.  Back to them again tomorrow to press them for this new offer.  Why do we have to devote so much time to keep up with the best rate.  If you are on a plan and if that plan changes you should be informed immediately especially if the rates are for the benefit of the customer.  At this rate I will continue to look at other companies and their rates.  Presently the higher FIT also equates to higher T11 and surcharges.