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I have been trying to get the monthly billing on my account turned off for months. As a business the small monthly bills are a pain and I would much prefer quarterly. I have followed the online instructions but do not have an option to cancel the monthly billing and I have called and tried to get them changed several time but all I get is that someone will ring me back but never does. Please can someone switch my billing back to quarterly. 

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Hi @HereticsHaven,


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood! I'll send you private message to grab your account details from you so I can help with this.


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@HereticsHaven @-Olgi- 


Log onto your account via the web /app


Click on your username.

Select Account settings

Select Billing and payments

Scroll down to Bill Frequency

Click on Edit

Select Quarterly.


That's it


Cheers Neil

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Cheers Neil

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Thanks but as I said in my original post there wasn’t an option to change it when following those instructions. An AGL rep has taken care of it supposedly so we will see if it works.

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