Meter readings - Start reference, end reference, for Peak, OP and Shoulder

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My bill simply informs me of my kW usage for Peak, OP and Shoulder without providing actual meter readings.  The "Start Reference" and "End Reference" data is identical for all three and does not reflect actual usage itemised on the invoice.  It is therefore not verfiable by me. My Controlled Load and Solar feed usage, on the other hand, is completely transparent.  Why the difference?

AGL Moderator
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Hi Franco, your general supply, controlled load and solar all operate on separate registers which is why they have separate reads. As your meter records your usage in half hourly intervals this is how we calculate the peak, should and off peak. If you would like to review this you can download your usage data via the usage tab in My Account

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Thank you, Steve.  When I receive a bill, I expect to be provided actual meter readings for all registers for which I am being billed, particularly when the invoice indicates an actual read was taken.  Currently, this is not occurring for Peak, Off peak and Shoulder.  My ongoing association with AGL is predicated on this very simple requirement. 


Secondly, having received a bill notification by email earlier today, when I tried to download the latest invoice, the previous month's invoice was the one downloaded. The pertinent invoice appears to be not available.  AGL IT at least needs to get the simple stuff right.