Major Bill Discrepancy

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So i received my bill the other day for the Nov-Feb period. My account up till then was in about $500 credit. It shows that i owe $271 by beginning of April. Considering i just swapped to a solar plan and the 21c fit and the AGL app showing i had a very low bill i was wondering why i would be owing over $1,100 for the quarter.


Reviewing the bill i can see that there is a 7 day "Estimated" period and a 85 period of smart meter reads.


So my smart meter read shows that i used a total of 1,036kWh of electricity, that's pretty good. Even better i managed to feed in 1,229kWh of electricity from solar. So then i read the "Estimated" charges, these are for a 7 DAY PERIOD from the 21/11/2019 through to the 27/11/2019.


Total kWh used for 7 days was 3,310kWh, that's right AGL has estimated that i used 472kWh of electricity a DAY. Fortunately for me i also have a home efergy system attached that is pretty close to my AGL consumption. It reports that my TOTAL kWh usage for the 7 days was around 187kWh for the 7 days.


I have requested a review and was told it was correct due to smart meter, i had a second review organised to review just the 7 days. Can't get a hold of anyone on chat or phone, called today and the phone number will not answer. I have lodge a complaint the the energy ombudsmen and awaiting a call back. I've been a AGL customer for a long while but never have i seen such a poor way to rip off a customer.



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For anyone at AGL that wants to check up i have an investigation going for the 7 day usage, ref is 1675605236.