MY Account and Payment of credits from Solar Quarterly

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I have two questions...

1. On my old gas account which I no longer use as I switched to solar, I have a .46 cents credit. Can that be transferred to my electricity account so that the balance is then zero for the gas account. Please do it!

2. As a person who is retiring can I get my Solar Input earnings paid quarterly on a continuing basis? Please arrange it immediately for this current account period. I don't want to have to contact AGL every 90 days to organise this.

Thanks Hoppy.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Hoppy2 

We can definitely arrange both of these for you, but unfortunately not via this public community. You'll need to get in touch with customer service. Log in to your My Account page and click the Message button in the bottom right, or tap the 💬 icon on you.

Or if you prefer to contact us via phone you can find details here.