Is my plan really the best for my small business?

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Hi I came here to query why there are spikes in use on the daily times when my salon is closed. I've seen on others posts it mentions fridges etc defrosting so maybe that explains it. But I also saw someone telling someone they are on demand and why would anyone be and that AGL doesnt put you on the best plan automatically. I get so overwhemled trying to understand power bill stuff, there are so many variables I just give up. But with the huge rises in cost of living, being a sole trader and the only hairstylist income earning, (I am not a big salon with staff) but am in a commercial shop I pay rent, rates, insurance, everything, if I can't keep my bills down, I'm not going to be able to stay viable and continue my business so I'm hoping someone can help me understand better if what I am on is the best offer I can be on. Please tell me what you need to know, if you are an expert in this stuff, and want to help me 🙂