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So my partner and I live in a small townhouse with only a fridge, water heater and our tv connected to power. We never used to get large bills however our last two have been over $1000 and they estimate we have 6-9 people in the house. We are two people in our twenties that both work and are barely home through the day. We use our tv in the afternoon and at night. We shower once a day, and yet we have these insane bills that dont make sense and nobody can tell us why they are this large. $1200 was our last bill and it has made life difficult attempting to pay this ridiculous bill. Please explain why or how we got this bill twice as we surely are not using that much power with a fridge, tv and water heater.

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Hi Ana220,


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I can absolutely understand why a bill of this amount in conjunction with your living arrangements would be a cause of concern! There are a few bits and pieces worth checking (if you haven't already):

  1. Your current meter reading vs. the meter reading on your latest bill - If your current meter reading is higher than the meter readings on your bill taken X weeks ago, then this suggests the bill is correct. If the meter reading is lower, then your meter may have been misread resulting in a large bill.
  2. Energy Saving Tips - This resource will assist you in checking your appliances to ensure that they're working correctly and that you're using them as efficineitly as possible.

If neither of these points provide you with any clarity, please let me know and I'll be happy to help further.


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