How damned arrogant can AGL get?

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I have just received my latest electricity bill from AGL and whilst I am aware that electricity prices have risen I was ropeable over the 'advice' given in the bill on reducing my usage. 

During this monthly billing period I used 6.85 KWh @ $2.32. You then go on to tell me that during the same billing period last year my usage was 7.65 KWh @ $1.82. You then advise me to stay on stop of my usage because my bill is 27% higher for this month as compared to last year.

In plain language, and trying to remain calm, the bill is higher because of the amount that AGL has increased their prices by and not by my excessive usage.

Why do AGL assume that every customer is a half wit who cannot understand why their bill has risen and therefore, cannot work out how to reduce their electricity costs.

I have in fact worked out, quite admirably, how to reduce my costs and that is to change my supplier. 

You, AGL, have become arrogant beyond belief.

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Yeah, that seems totally out of line based on your drop in usage as you have made.

I think this will boils down to these bill recommendations being generated automatically by data, and in your case is totally out of line to make that recommendation with what's actually happened with your usage and pricing.

What the heck sort of tariff is it that is charging those rates per kwh, are you on demand tariff ?


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Hi Lester, 

I'm not sure what demand tariff is to be honest. I'm actually on the Senior Savers plan. It was one that was recommended to me by AGL and seemed a reasonable plan to be on.

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Hi Alan, ah, I don't think you are on a demand tariff then.


Demand tariff is where a retailer works out your entire period peak charge (monthly or quarterly) rate based on your highest demand 30 minute interval during peak times.

It's designed to encourage people to use less power in peak demand times, but can be a trap.

If you use (have to use) an excessive amount of power for even one single 30 minute peak period during your billing period, that amount of kw used will be charged for all peak kw used for the billing period.

This is on top of your normal single tariff or TOU tariff, but I think these might be different to normal straight out plans.

Seems quite dangerous to go onto this, but a lot of businesses are being forced onto it I believe, and read that even some residential are put on it, not sure what retailers might do this.


We were on Senior Savers on single tariff before the new (digital) meter went in, then were put on TOU automatically.

We switched to the EV Night Saver plan when we found that available, as the sons Tesla is registered here.


Senior Savers may also have a TOU plan, just baffling to see the KW you listed x $2.32, and previous $1.82, or did you take the whole bills amounts and divide by KW usages to get that ?


I think the highest peak rate in Australia is here in SA with around 50c/kw.

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Screenshot_20240617-111131_Yahoo Mail.jpg


This is where I got those figures from Lester. The bill is from my studio unit in the city so it isn't used every day. Also, fhe meter was changed to a smart meter very recently so I do not have an in depth comparison. 

Thank you for explaining the demand tariff, as I hadn't a clue what it was. I will have to attempt to search for comparative electricity plans to ascertain whether the plan I'm on is the right one for me.

Once again, thank you for the replies. It is very much appreciated. 

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Hi Alan,

Ah, that's your complete bottom line per day, and considering supply charge of that is about $1.10 a day for usage.

You are not getting a bad deal with power use about $1.20 a day . . . mine's about $4.50 a day now for the winter bill, and I'm sure a lot of people are about where our bill here is, or worse !

Your bill of around $215 a (comparative) quarter is probably about as low as I have seen, even before the big increases of recent past.


I know, you've cut usage by plenty, and charges have gone up so much, certainly you would be far better off under the old rates with your frugal usage.

Shop around, but I have found prices have escalated about the same all round with all retailers.

At least here in SA . . . and those that have a lower tariff / tariffs per kw, have a dearer daily supply charge, so I feel AGL is about the same as other retailers here, better the devil you know.