Govt energy rebates and AGL billing

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Just received an account issued on 2 July for the period 6/4 to 28/6 showing an amount due with a due date of 19 July.  The thing is the Qld Government's $1000 energy rebate was payable as a lump sum from 1 July and the Fed Govt's $300 energy rebate was payable from 1 July as $75 quarterly payments. So I logged in to my AGL account which shows a credit amount which indicates AGL have already deducted thecurrent bill from my $1075 credit. So obviously I'm not going to be paying the account issued on 2 July but I wonder how many other people, folk who don't/can't keep tabs on their accounts online and who don't follow the news so don't know about the energy rebates, are receiving bills saying they owe AGL money and go on to pay those bills?

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Agreed, it is very confusing. Even for last year I don’t know when the rebates were applied and can’t track them. There was one in August last year, another one in October and I think one in April? Any ideas?