Government rebate of $1300 has anyone had this amount applied towards there bill?

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Waiting for the rebate to finally start hitting my agl account. I've heard other companies have already applied the rebate to their customers. Why is AGL taking so long?

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You are obviously in QLD, the QLD GOVCO page on this . . . .


Note . . . Queensland households will get $1,000 off their electricity bills in 2024–25. The rebate will be automatically credited to eligible residential customer bills from 1 July 2024—there is no need to apply. Exact timing will depend on individual billing cycles.

Look for the ‘Queensland Government Cost of Living Rebate’ on your bill.


and . . .


Most embedded network customers should receive the rebate as a one-off lump sum credit on their electricity bill in the second half of 2024. However, it could take several months for the rebate to be applied and appear on your bill.

If you haven’t received the rebate by 31 December 2024, contact your embedded network operator directly.


The federal $300 will be applied in part payments spread over billing cycle of monthly or quarterly.

Eg. monthly credit of $25, or quarterly credits of $75.

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I was going to ask the same . My friends already have the $1000 showing as a credit in their bill 

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As above "Exact timing will depend on individual billing cycles."

It should hit your AGL bill as your cycle comes up.


If you are on quarterly billing (also as above in my reply) "it could take several months for the rebate to be applied and appear on your bill."

This might be the case if you have just started a new quarterly billing cycle, for example.


It makes no difference to you if you get the credit paid early, as it will just sit in AGL coffers making them interest.

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Thanks for reply . It had just put doubt in my mind as to whether I had to claim it or not so thank you . Nice to have good news 😝
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