Gas bill too high

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Bill Period : 12 Dec 2019 to 10 Mar 2020


We are a family of four ( 2 parent, 2 kids (5y, 1y) ). We use gas for cooking, we do not use it for any other purposes like heating water. Recent gas bill of $278.33 for the period mentioned above is too high considering our cooking was normal in this period. This amount is more than twice the bills received in past($110.39, $136.77, $108.06, $114.87, $133.71).

Other reasons why bill amount and meter reading do not make sense are :

 - We were abroad between 23-Dec to 07-Jan. So there was 0 gas consumption during this period. But the Average daily cost and usage for 3 months Jan, Feb and Mar is same for all these three months - $3.09.- The Supply address is incorrect in the bill under section " Your gas supply details."

     This same address is mentioned at the top of the bill.


May I request AGL to review the bill and share the corrected bill.





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 @Swarup yes, me too, I guess, the $1400 bill is just for one month estimate? not the whole year.

I also got the monthly bill $9xx monthly every two monthly.


Let us know how it goes man, hopefully, we can get the right way to sort it out.

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Hi swaroop was this sorted out eventually??


I am having same issue with agl they have sent me 1700 bill i am single guy in a 2 bedroom flat i cant believe it.


Could you pls email me i can discuss privately as to what action i need to take against agl...thanks sanjay





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hi there, 

i just want to lodge a complaint, i am not sure if i am in the right place but i am extremely frustrated As its been couple day i am trying to reach the relevant department. I have received a gass bill of $915 which is too much for a family of 3, i live with my wife and 2 year old son, we spend most of the time at work and rarely cook at home. When I received the bill I was shocked, the bill says it’s difference of estimated and actual readings. But i Believe its not my fault that they were sending me estimated or actual readings or whatever. I was always paying my bills on time, i was receiving an average of $50 gas bill a month which looked fine to me. Even after paying my bill on time every month, received  this big bill. Its unfair….. I can’t pay this at all.

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Hi @Yousaf, Yes me too, I am also receiving that high bill shock.

I suppose, you might be living in apartment.


This is where the hot water gas bill is shared with all units.


let me know how did you go with your case.