Gas Projected Gas bill incorrect.

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Hey AGL folks,
As you can see i have paid my Gas bill below then something went wrong a few days later and my gas account is still continuing to build instead of restarting for the next quarter. If somebody could please look into it please. It would be much appreciated. 
7 May to 8 Aug 2022 94 Days $112.59 Paid - here is where my bill is continuing on usage so far and is now currently sitting at $114.93 Missing Read.JPG
In the picture above the dot above the 15th says missing read, so something went wrong. also at the top left of the picture note the period May till November yet when I check my billing frequency it is quarterly as i had set up when joining AGL. As my bill has just been paid.
Regards John
Any Assistance would be appreciated.
Incorrect gas amount.JPG
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Please Disregard above post. my app and online account have just reset.

Looks as though it takes about 5 days for that to happen.


Regards John 

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Thanks 👍 AGL

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I need to set up Centrepay for my gas account 

AGL Moderator
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Hello @Lizzylee13_ , Thank you for getting in touch with us. 


We want to help you, but we can't do it here sorry!


As we are required to read through mandatory scripting, please contact us. You can find how to contact us via


Alternatively, you can set up the deductions via Services Australia -


Kind Regards,