GAS bill

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We are renting and we have Gas water heating at our home.
Our Previous two gas bills were under $250. when I got to see my current Gas bill I got the rudest shock of my life, I revceived a bill for a total sum of $1831.25 this for the past 3 months which is total of $1585 increase, this is almost 640 + % increase in the gas bill, which is unbelievable.

My previous bills for Period
10th Sept to 6 Dec 2023 was $ 225.87

7th Dec to 7th March 2024 was $ 247.59 

However, the gas bill for the current period from 8th March to 7th June 2024 is $1, 831.25.

This is totally unexpected, as gas is used for water heating at our home and nothing else.
Please can someone at AGL help.

I tried calling the AGL number and could not reach anyone as it is the weekend. Some system upgrade info.
I'll have to call back again on Monday morning.


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Numerous recent posts in the past couple of weeks about crazy gas bills, where incorrect calculations have been made by AGL (to be confirmed).

Check this post and maybe then with AGL on the phone to confirm they are working out your gas meterage right . . .