First Solar Invoice

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I've had solar connected by a company in Adelaide.  Does AGL know about this?  If so how come my 10KW system ... is on the way to supplying me the same $ invoice as usual ie around $1,000 for a quarter when there are less people living in the house and it was a cool summer.   ..  Do they know??

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These are community pages and as such you may or may not get a response from an AGL Employee (which I am not).


Now when your solar was installed their was quite a lot of other things that occurred.


Firstly you (or your agent) applied for a SEG (Small Electricity Generator) licence.


Once this was granted then the installer had to install your system.


When installed then your installer had to complete all the paperwork and submit it to your supplier.


If you do not have the appropriate meter then a new meter has to installed.


Once installed then you should be able to activate your solar system.


Has all this occurred?


To get a response from AGL I suggest you contact AGL using one of the methods listed in the web page below.

If you click on the link above it will start a new web page in your preferred web browser.

Make sure you have your account number ready.

Cheers Neil

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