False ACTUAL gas meter reading

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Hi ,This is with regards to the meter readings of feb and March . We were travelling most of the time and returned just today and hence paid the revised bill for feb as asked.  For the month of feb we received a bill saying undercharged and we paid that but now have some serious questions on the actual readings We have two gas meters QR002905 - readings seem to be fine in this  WT024242- this meter has some serious problems . On Feb 5 I had shared the picture of the gas reading and the bill was modified. Next month I received a bill saying undercharged with huge increase in value and also written as 1 March actual as 1066 value .  I was out hence paid and this month when am back today I see a different value in the meter . Picture attached. Am not sure how the value of your actual of 1st March is way different  and more than 2.5 times more than the meter inside my house Nd the value taken on 7th April .  From  where was the actual reading taken as we were both away for more than half the month and there was no access to our unit.Also if it was from some common meter in the building  why is it so different than what’s shown inside my house .   It raises serious credibility and trust issues if the actual readings are faulty . 

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Hi sushiljain,


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It sounds like you're being billed monthly. If this is the case, then your meter readings will be estimated unless we're provided a meter reading by yourself. As is the nature of estimations, they're not always going to be 100% correct however we can revise this retrospectively as it sounds like we've done in your case.


We understand that incorrect bills can be frustrating no matter the reason, so to avoid this I encourage you to either revert to quarterly billing so that your bill is generated every three months after your meter is read, or to enter your own meter readings online (using your AGL My Account or app) 2-3 days before your bill is due to be generated.


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Hi Jayden, 


All that you mention is correct and i understand as a consumer that there will be difference when it comes to estimated bills. 


I would just like to highlight that the point of frustration was the bill mentioned the value as ACTUAL (meaning meter is read )and not ESTIMATE and that was wrong. 

If the actual values you mention in the bill are false, it does raise credibility and trust issues on how the meter is being read in reality and people can be fooled if they do not verify the same ..


Though my bills have been revised, i still am to understand how the actual reading was inflated.