Excessive Gas Bill

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Unrealistic Gas Bill



Our current gas bill showed our gas usage at 10,000+ MJ yet the average 4 person household in NSW is 4000 MJ.


We have a baby and a toddler, so 2 adults and 2 infants, so this is impossible. We also have barely used gas over the summer/spring period until last week (our quarter bill would normally be $150 maximum).



  • We paid the previous bill from 8 November to 5 February but would now like a refund / credit as this was far too high for our usage – please advise how we do this – $ 309.82


  • We will not be paying the current bill for 6 February to 6 May as it is even higher even though the only gas appliance we use is a stove top and we use it once a day for 20 minutes – $ 336.56


  • We know the bill is based on an actual meter reading so clearly there is a gas leak or the meter is faulty or a technical issue we need fixed asap – the estimated bill on our online usage tracker on our account for the next 3 months is $ 596.97 so that will be double the current faulty record of usage



AGL have told me on the phone its not their problem and I need a plumber myself to check it.


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Hello Northernbeaches!


I know getting higher than expected gas bills can be stressful, this information should help you get this sorted. 


If you have concerns there is a leak in the meter that is charging you for consumption that you are not using there are a few things that can be done to test it.


I highly recommend you run 2 tests;

Firstly, turn off your gas meter next time you leave home for a couple of house, or just will not be using the gas.

Take a photo of the meter reading before you turn it off, and then another photo a few hours later before you turn it back on.

If the meter reading increases, that means your meter may have a leak and our Resolutions Team can assist you with getting this checked.


If the meter reading does not change, I would recommend you run the second test.

Turn off all your gas appliance (hot water system pilot too if that is gas).

Leave the meter on, just don't use any gas.

Take a photo of your meter, then again a few hours later without having used any gas.

If your gas meter reading changes in that time, that indicates a possible leak in the line or appliances and you need to get a gas plumber to check it out for you.


If neither of these tests return a result showing an error, and your meter reading matches your invoice then it is likely you have more gas appliances then just your stove top causing your usage.


I hope this helps.


Thank you


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What do you do if a plumber has confirmed a leak, has repaired the leak and has given me documentation saying to contact you guys to ask for a refund or discount of my recents bills? 



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Hi EmilyC! 


Welcome to AGL Community! 


Depending on the leak depends on what needs to be done. 


Anything between the home and the meter, is the responsibility of the home owner, to ensure that the lines are in appropriate condition. 

If the leak was in the meter, or on the road side of the meter then we can assess the high usage. 


I would recommend that you have a chat with our team here who can help you with the next steps. 


Thank you 


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My gas leak made my bills high, will AGL compensate me?