Excessive Bill

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The electricity bill for my very small studio apartment has more than doubled this time.....despite the fact that I have been away and it has been empty for 50% of the billing period. Its been a mild winter this year and I havent used any heating and minimal drying before that.


Just spent an hour on hold, asked the same identification questions multiple time, which is completely ridiculous because you cant progress in the queue without having already provided that info....needlessly buerocratic.


Finally got in touch with a most unhelpful man who escalated me to someone else....only for the system to hang up on me...


Very very unhappy AGL.

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I have the same experience my bill has gone up 50 a month 600 a year. I contacted AGL via messaging and was told I need to contact them through web chat which is not that easy to find anyway I asked a few questions noting back in the past days 

not very good customer service and a difficult app to navigate