Easiest way to change accounts to wife's name for pension discount etc

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G'day, my name is on our two AGL accounts (elec and has), my wife pays these bills, she recieves a carers pension and FTB so we would like to change the accounts to her name to benifit from the rebates and discounts available. What is the best was to do this? There is some mixed advice online, we don't want to have to pay a reconnection fee etc. cheers

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Hi TomK,


Great question!


The best way to do this (while dodging any nasty fees!) is for your wife to contact our customer service team (web chat link here) and request a 'backdated move in' from the date in which your meter was last read. This will essentially move everything into her name from a date in the past which rules out the necessity of paying to have your meter especially read in the future to complete the change of names.


Sing out if you have any more questions!