Crazy problem

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Help me out!!!


Someone I know used my information to sign up for a gas account on their property. 

I kept receiving bills from AGL and I didn't care about it because I was too chill. ( I should have called them when I first received it, I know!! I regret it now)

So my wife knew about it a few months ago. She asked me to solve it.

I called AGL so many times to explain my situation, but every time I call, they give me the same answer like they will investigate and I don't need to pay for the bills. At the same time, I kept receiving calls and texts from AGL about the debt. It was so annoying and tired. 

The weird thing is there are always 0 usage charges, nothing has been used, or they can't enter the property idk. 

FYI, I don't want to call the person I suspected because we had bad blood, bad guy did terrible things to my family.


What could I do to end it? Please help me.



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If AGL can't help you in a timely manner, this should be the sort of issue the industry ombudsman can assist with.

To be honest, AGL should be able to fix this very easily / quickly I imagine, hopefully you won't need to escalate.


If not, Google electricity ombudsman in your state, or click through to your state contact here . . . 

AGL Moderator
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Hi @britneypham1996 - thank you for reaching out.

I'm sorry you have been a victim of a fraudster, I can imagine it is a very stressful experience, and rest assured, we take fraud very seriously.


As Lester has advised you are absolutely welcome to escalate this to your state ombudsman, however this will be referred back to our resolutions management team to resolve.


To give you an idea of what is going on behind the scenes, here is a typical fraud referral scenario:


1. When someone reports a fraudulent account set up in their name, we refer the account and all details to our fraud team for investigation

2. The fraud team will go through every communication we had with the affected account, which includes:

   - Attempting to verify the identity of the fraudulent party

   - Closing the contract 

   - Reversing any charges
   - Ensuring no impact to the affected party in terms of credit exposure.


This process, unfortunately, can take quite a while to resolve, as it involves multiple parties outside of AGL, who are not required to abide by our SLA's in terms of resolution time.

If you haven't reported the fraud to our resolutions management team, please do so here, so we can begin this process for you.

If you already have, the team will be able to advise you whether fraud team is still investigating, or if there is an outcome.


Kind regards,