Continuous incorrect overdue notices

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We have a number of electricity accounts with AGL, and the 2 that are on monthly billing constantly get issued with overdue emails when the account is up to date. 

Because we are billed monthly, each bill has the previous month as an opening balance because it is due for payment after the latest bill has been generated. When logging into MyAccount, it says we are overdue an amount which is absolutely not overdue. I've spoken to AGL and they have confirmed we are up to date but we continue to get overdue notices and our online portal shows an overdue amount. My superior sees this correspondence and thinks I am failing in my job and impacting the company's credit file!!! How can this be fixed? 


Additionally, we have a transfer credit on our account for which we have received no correspondence, so I am not sure what it relates to. 


Can someone please explain/help?

AGL Moderator
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Hi @HennyAccounts,


Thanks for reaching out. Overdue amounts on monthly billing can occur with business accounts. This is due to the fact that business accounts have longer than 30 days set as a due date, hence if the bill is not paid prior to the next monthly bill being issued, it will carry over balance which our system recognises as overdue balance. This is reflecting as overdue balance on your bill and on your AGL App, however it's not affecting your credit rating as no collections activity is taking place, due to the amount not actually being overdue.


Unfortunately, the only way to overcome this is to make your payments for the current bill prior to the issue date of the next bill rather than on the actual due date, or have quarterly billing instead of monthly billing. 


I'd be more than happy to look into that credit for you. I'll send you a private message to grab more information from you.