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Im trying  to cancel monthly billing. (Forced onto us by AGL) But as per usuall their App has " something went wrong" while trying to change back to what we signed up for. Stop moving the goalposts and fix your app. 

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Hi @Verry_Nice, I can cancel your monthly billing through a private message. I'll just send that to you now! Thanks- Mark.

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Hi Mark,

I've also just been shifted from quarterly onto monthly billing with no reason given.

Similarly, with my 12 month Solar Savers contract coming to an end recently, I was told I was being shifted to the Solar Value contract which of course pays less FIT. Of course we can shift plans, but to assume that I wanted the Solar Value plan and then make me wait for the appropriate date to shift my plan back to Solar Savers seemed like a sly attempt to reduce my FIT even further. 


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Hi @Colin2,


Thanks for getting in touch! I can certainly help you with this. I'll send you a private message to grab your account details.




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Hi Olgi,

My point is that AGL has been forcing customers into a position and then making them change that position if they don't like what AGL has initially forced them into. (Both with plans and billing frequency) The forced 'plan' change was particularly galling considering that in the face of higher charges, the FIT were being cut once again. This sort of corporate manipulation of customers/suppliers severely undermines the rhetoric of 'we're here to help'.