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A month and a half ago we were 5 people living at home and the bill amount was completely normal as we were all using the tumbler, heater, and cooking. Now we are only 3, but we only cook once a day for the three, we are not at home, heater is used only once a week at the most, and basically we have used the tumbler only once this month. I can’t understand why I am getting billed the same amount as if we were five people if we have reduced significantly the usage of the services and we are less people at home. Definitely there is something wrong and I’m not expecting to keep getting no charges this amount every month. Has anyone got this problem? 

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Hi Caguilar_s,


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We can certainly appreciate your concern with receiving a higher than expected bill. I would recommend to check out the information on our website here which will hopefully provide some guidance. If you require further assistance, please contact us here or by using AGL Messenger through the APP or My Account.


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